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Cristina Guerrero Vita



Cristina Guerrero was born 1979 in San Sebastian (Spain). Guerrero had her first contact with the oil technique and drawing in 1988 in the academy of the painter Xabier Obeso, placed in Renteria where the artist resides. She came to the "University of the Basque Country" in 1997 and graduated in2002. Her graduation had been complemented with studies and qualifications in graphical design, web page design, photography and lighting, which are used as an indispensable tool for her work. Her works depict objects of her personal life and possessions with details of her own body, expressing a connection between object and anatomy. 
Since 2004 she has been established in the International Art Scene through individual and group exhibitions in different international fairs.

Cristina Guerrero artwork elvis
Me pareció ver..., cristina guerrero
Red Cardinals, Cristina Guerrero
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