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Gerd Lieder Vita

Gerd Lieder aus Bremen


  • since 2000 his theme is the visual experienceable world by means of reflection in different media like foils, water, glass, mirrors and reality

  • 1996 Intensive engagement on water reflections

  • 1994 First picture cycles with the theme „Reflections”

  • 1979 – 1983 Study of theatre science, history of art, german language and literature at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich

  • 1978 Moved to Munich

  • 1955 Born in Helbra/Lutherstadt Eisleben (Germany)

Solo exhibitions

  • 2016 “Reflected”, HOHMANN Fine Art, Palm Desert / California, (catalog)

  • 2015 “The New View”, art and auctions at Kettwiger Tor, Essen

  • 2012 “Different Colors”, (with Ulrik Happy Dannenberg), The Hamburger Gallery, Hamburg

  • 2010 “Illusions”, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg

  • 2008 “What you see is what you get!”, The Hamburger Galerie, Hamburg 

  • 2007 “Reflexes and Reflections”, Galerie Lonnes, Bremen, (catalog) “… in search of the beautiful”, Galerie Anne Malchers, Bergisch-Gladbach

  • 2006 “new location”, ART-isotope Galerie Schöber, Dortmund ;“mirror-smooth”, Galerie Eigen-art, Sandesneben / Duchy of Lauenburg ; “Reflection, reflection on the wall …”, Galerie Kunsthaus Oberkassel, Düsseldorf

  • 2005 “Reflections 1999-2005”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede             “Reichstag and Roland”, Kontorhaus Bremen

  • 2004 “Welt-Spiegel”, Galerie Loy, Rastede ; “Reflections II”, galerie skala, Cologne

  • 2003 “Mirror of the Worlds – Worlds of Reflections II”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede, (catalogue);  “Reflections”, Galerie skala, Cologne

  • 2002 Kontorhaus Bremen

  • 2001 “Mirror of the Worlds – Worlds of Reflections I”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede, (catalog)

Exhibition participation

  • 2021 “Art and Culture Campaign in the Ahr Valley”, Marcus Diede Gallery, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz

  • 2021 “KUNST/Mitte 21”, Magdeburg International Art Fair, Marcus Diede Gallery

  • 2019 Grand Opening, HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert

  • 2019 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Springs

  • 2018 art miami, HOHMANN FINE ART, MIAMI

  • 2018 “Grand Salon 2018” Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen/Basel

  • 2018 “The abstract infused into the real”, La Salle de Royal de la Madeline, Paris (Jacques Bodin, Ronald Bowen, Christoph Eberle, Odile Ferron-Verron, Bore Ivanoff, Gregory Pelizzari, Agathe Verschaffel)

  • 2016 art miami, HOHMANN Fine Art, Miami

  • 2016 ART.FAIR Cologne, The Hamburg Gallery, Cologne

  • 2016 Grand Opening, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg

  • 2016 Palm Springs FINE ART FAIR, HOHMANN Fine Art, Palm Springs

  • 2015 Art San Diego, HOHMANN Fine Art, San Diego

  • 2014 “James Dean & Ed Hardy”, art and auctions at Kettwiger Tor, Essen

  • 2013 “Glanzlichter”, Galerie Kaschenbach, Trier “Spreeblick”, Galerie Zandi, Berlin Galeria K, Palma de Mallorca

  • “10th anniversary of the Hamburger Galerie”, Hamburg

  • 2012 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles; art KARLSRUHE, The Hamburg Gallery, Karlsruhe; “Photorealists” – Randy Ford, Gerd Lieder, Luis Perez – The Hamburger Gallery, Hamburg

  • 2011 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles, (catalogue);  art KARLSRUHE, The Hamburg Gallery, Karlsruhe

  • San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, San Francisco

  • 2010 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles;  “10 years of ART-isotope”, ART-isotope Gallery Schöber, Dortmund;Contemporary Art Ruhr, ART-isotope Galerie Schöber, Essen

  • 2009 “Gala”, The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert / CaliforniaKunsthaus Hanover

  • 2008 “Appearance and Being”, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg ;“Gala”, The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert / California

  • 2007 “Bremen Pop”, (with Nicholas Bodde and Ulrik Happy Dannenberg), Gallery ART ACADEMY, Dresden; Gallery ART ACADEMY, Zurich;   Berliner Liste, Gallery ART ACADEMY, Berlin

  • 2006 “Reality Revisited”, galerie skala, Cologne;Traveling exhibition “Al caro Giorgio Gaber”        Circolo Artistico Politecnic, Naples;Libreria Tombolini, Sala Santa Rita, Rome;Palazzo della Regione, Milan, (catalogue); Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milan, (catalog)

  • 2004 State Museum Buca, Tivat / Montenegro, (catalogue);  “Querblick 3” Cologne City Museum, galerie skala, Cologne

  • 2003 “Ducal Residence Rastede”, Galerie Loy, Rastede

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